2010 - 2022

She was ours for 4329 days which should have felt like a lifetime, but it was over in a blink of an eye. The paSt few Weeks without her have felt like an eternity because she was a gift that We still can’t find the words to describe; There’s only an excruciating void where she used to be. She was Our best friend, Our soulmate, we did everything together and we got each other like We’ve never experienced before in life. she made Us laugh with her humor, human-like nature and exceptional intelligence that was like nothing else. She was always there for Us as we went though so many life moments together greeted with her quiet grace, sweet nature, bowling ball for a backside and squinty smile that could make anything better- and she always smelled like flowers, probably because she was an angel. Tougher than nails in the field, with a nose that wouldn’t quit, she was a joy to have in the blind and was one of the best dogs We’ve ever hunted over. She was a stud, she was the stuff of legends and seeing her work a field with precision will be something We will dearly miss. She was a beautiful soul and the best way To describe to you how much We loved her was that we chose to let her go and give her what she needed at the hardest moment of our lives. It was such a beautiful, uncharacteristically mild day for august and the sun set as she took her final breath in the backyard swiftly, quietly and peaceful until she felt no more pain. As time goes by, I know Our grief will evolve and change however, the void in Our soul where she once was will be one that won’t close until we’re together again. We’re blessed to have loved and been loved by her, to be able to have called her mine. We will miss you till forever, Girlfriend, meet you by the lake… 🤍 10/17/10- 08/16/22 6:24pm