lady sable

2018 - 2022

My dear sweet Lady,
You left Daddy so soon and I am heartbroken. I miss you so, so, so much. Even though the time with me and your Uncle Charles was short, we will never forget the joy you brought each day. Being the DIVA you were, you never missed an opportunity to pose for the camera to show that face and smile that just melt folk’s heart. Waiting for me patiently at the door each day, wagging your tail listening for the sounds of the keys rattling, knowing Daddy is finally home!
Your weekly walks with Uncle Charles, as you sniffed every corner of the ground until the right spot was found, gave him such joy spending precious time together. Your beauty brought you so many compliments from everyone; and just being Lady made the worse of days tolerable. The heartbeat and the sound of you running around in circle has left a void in the house. You were such a dear sweet, adorable, little girl, wonderful companion and loved by all. I am so grateful for the time we had together my dear little Lady. You will ALWAYS remain close to my heart!!!!
Your journey on earth is no longer, but your heavenly path is lined with running spaces, playful furry friends, and many, many places to sniff and just be the LADY you were meant to be! You were truly loved and will be forever missed! See you again one day in the heavenly kingdom!

Love Always,

Daddy and Uncle Charles