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Frequently Asked Questions

The pet cremation industry is primarily based on the earned trust of the provider. We pride ourselves on over 35 years of bringing exceptional service to Chicagoland pet owners. We understand your concern in regard to these final decisions. The following are the most commonly asked questions and our honest answers to them. If your specific question is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

How do I know that I will be getting my pet's ashes back?

Metro Animal Service is Chicagoland's longest running pet crematory, devoting 100% of our attention toward the proper cremation of our clients' loving companion pets. Since 1974, we have implemented a flawless triple check system to assure that each pet labeled for cremation is tracked during the entire process until the cremains are delivered back into our client's hands.

Why do you offer Individual Cremations while other services do not?

We have the equipment that is specifically designed to accommodate this process. We also believe that every pet owner should have the opportunity to reclaim his/her pet's ashes without discrimination due to cost. Individual Cremations make this possible.

Is a Private Cremation better than an Individual Cremation?

Whether you choose a Private Cremation or an Individual Cremation, the cremains which you receive are those of your pet and your pet only. The end result of either cremation service is the same; the only difference is price. Private Cremations are more expensive.

Whichever service you choose, rest assured it is the right decision, and your pet's cremains will be properly returned to you.

Which cremation service do you recommend?

We begin by explaining each process in detail. With this knowledge, each pet owner must make his/her own choice based on comfort level. We believe this is a strictly personal decision.

Which cremation service do you prefer for your family pets?

Confident in the knowledge of our facility, our reverent and professional process, and the final result, all of our family pets are cremated via Individual Cremation.

Can I bring my pet to you directly and view the cremation process?

An on-site family viewing room is available to allow your family the opportunity to view the Private Cremation of your pet. You can bring your pet directly to our facility, or we can pick him/her up at your veterinarian's office. We will explain the Private Cremation process in detail, and you are welcome to view as much as you like. This service is available by appointment only.