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Equine Cremation Services

Horse Cremation ServicesSince 1974, Metro Animal Service has been serving the needs of area residents and veterinarians by offering the finest in pet cremations. Our facility capabilities also include crematory units which accommodate whole horse cremations.

We recognize that there is a need for more dignified options for horse owners, and we are proud to offer whole horse Private or Communal cremations. Your horse, who has been a devoted companion and friend, will be cared for with dignity and compassion.

Whole Horse Cremation Services

Your beloved horse will be picked up by a local professional transportation provider and brought to our facility for the cremation service of your choice. Please contact Metro Animal Service for cremation and custom urn pricing and recommended transportation services. Cremation prices do not include transportation fees. We will make every effort to accommodate special requests.

Equine Private Cremation

Horse Private CremationDuring a Private Cremation, your horse will be the only animal placed within the crematory. Your horse's cremains are respectfully and carefully packaged within our complimentary secure container, along with a certificate of cremation. We also offer custom urn options. Your horse's cremains can either be picked up at our facility or shipped directly to you.

Equine Communal Cremation

A whole horse Communal Cremation is performed with multiple pets cremated together. Consequently, your horse's cremains cannot be separated or retrieved. After the cremation process, all companion pets' cremains are reverently spread on our family farm.